Mom: “Can I see your phone”

Me: “yea one sec”


only 18? quit lying, we all know theres at least 200image

more than lotus’ sales


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yo can I drop some advice all you kids trying to get entry level jobs need to learn? I learned it the hard way and now I shall impart that to you.

when you see this shit, that goes “you need like 10 years experience and all this other qualifications nobody with all that would ever apply for a job like this with”, that means one thing: they are weeding out people who don’t believe they can achieve that level. They go “sigh, I can’t even compete, fuck it.” and don’t apply, saving the company the trouble.

What you, as a fresh new student, need to do- is apply anyway with a Luffy-like optimism that you will get that fucking job!! You don’t have a million years experience BUT YOU’LL TRY AND NEVER GIVE UP ETC. You write an opener letter with that in it, submit your shit, and get that goddamn job because they just found somebody who’s willing to give it a try anyway, who has the confidence and the ability to play with the big boys and they will train you to become a master because fresh meat is vital to the industry. 


i really wish i’d read this three months ago

to those who are still looking for their first job: it wouldn’t hurt to try. the worst thing that can happen is that you get a “no”

So, really interesting statistic that just came up in hiring diversity training at work: women will typically only apply to a position if they feel they meet 100% of the requirements.  Men will typically apply if they feel they meet just 60%.

And guess what?  They still get hired, because a lot of job descriptions are total garbage.  These aren’t crafted masterpieces handed down from the divine goddess of Human Resources.  These are things that were thrown together at the last minute 3 years ago by some manager with too many more important things to do, and they’ve been used untouched ever since.

Think about this, and think about those numbers, ladies.  Think long and hard about this statistic next time you are looking at a job description and telling yourself that you can’t cut it.  You probably can, and applying is free.

(P.S.: I’m happy to give resume advice to people - especially new college grads in the tech industry.  That’s the field I know and do interviews in; I’m not sure if my advice would be as applicable elsewhere.)

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Random thought - Fanacc Super Show 5 in Argentina (23/4/13)

About this whole Sunming’s situation…

I’m an ELF from Argentina. I only had one chance to see SJ during a concert. I remember that day, at the begining of the show, a fan fainted.

I was very happy seeing the members, until one of them suddenly stopped. That caught my attention and it…

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cr . 滚妹_minili

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Super Junior The 7th Album Special Edition #ThisIsLove 2014. 10. 27.

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cr : 滚妹_minili // do not edit

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Hugh Jass seems like a good dude.

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"His pointer finger circled my puckered love cave. “Are you ready for this?” he mewled, smirking at me like a mother hamster about to eat her three-legged young."

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Next time you feel bad about your work, remember this shit got published

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